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To fulfill our vision of making wireless power everyday reality, we are designing and building wireless power solutions for various applications based on our innovative and patent-pending technology.

One such application of our technology is wireless charging solutions for smart phones. After multiple iterations of rapid prototyping, we now have a product that is ready to go to large-scale manufacturing.

Our complete systems include Cordlex wireless charging case and a choice of charging pad.

The wireless charging case protects the phone from daily scratches and occasional drops. Because every component is light and flexible, the case itself retains the same qualities.

Multiple types of charging pads are available. Stationary charging pad is designed to be used with any standard wall outlets. Unlike some other products, our charging pad does not require the phone to be placed in a certain position or orientation.

Car charging cradle enables wireless charging in the vehicle. It is mountable either on windshield or the dashboard and the driver has the full view of the phone screen. Mobile charging cradle secures the phone so it does not slide off of the charging cradle.

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